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  1. Reptile Forums - HomePage

    Reptile Forums UK - The largest place for reptiles on UK. 
  2. Reptiles for sale, buy reptiles online

    Buy Reptiles online - There are many different species of Reptiles for sale, we have placed these into categories of Lizards, Snakes and Chelonian 
  3. Exotic Pets - Amphibian, Reptile and Invert UK exotic pet shop - Amphibians for sale, Reptiles for sale and a range of 
  4. Triple 8 Reptiles - Online Reptile Shop UK

    888 Reptiles, Triple 8 reptiles is one of the largest online Reptile shops in  888 ReptilesOnline Reptile Shop, Live reptile food, hoppers, crickets, 
  5. BBC Nature - Reptiles videos, news and facts

    The reptiles are a class of vertebrates. Charateristically they are cold-blooded, have dry scaly or horny skin and a four-chambered heart. › › Animals › Life › Animals › Vertebrates 
  6. Crystal Palace Reptiles, Reptile Shop, London. UK

    Reptile shop, London, UK. Specializing in Ball Python morphs. 
  7. REPTILES - an Illustrated Guide to reptiles of Britain and Europe

    Pictures, identification guide, life cycle and feeding habits of reptiles of Britain and Europe. 
  8. Vivariums, Reptile Supplies & Live Food

    Buy Vivariums, Reptile Supplies & Live Food online at Swell Reptiles. Huge discounts on Vivariums, Reptile Supplies & Live Food and many other reptile 
  9. British Reptiles

    There are six species of reptiles native to the UK: adders (also known as vipers), grass snakes, smooth snakes, sand lizards, common lizards and slow worms. 
  10. Mammal-like reptiles | Natural History Museum

    View images of the reptiles that were the ancestors of mammals and that were the dominant land animals 260 million years ago. › › Non-dinosaur reptiles

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Reptiles are also cold blooded

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Reptiles are distinct from other animals because of their scales, ability to shed their skin and in some cases replace their teeth for the duration of their lives..

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