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About our Reptile Shop / Cold Blooded Reptiles / Reptile Supplies all catered for

Reptile Shop has been established for 16 yrs with an outstanding reputation within the local community for our service and friendly advice.

The business is currently expanding with the launch of the on-line shop, and also a large grooming parlour is under development, along with the expansion of the reptile section due later in the year.

Advice on any pet issues or feeding issues will be gladly given by our fully trained staff.

We want to emphasise we are a 'real' shop in a busy seaside resort, not just a 'warehouse' and we hope to continue our growth within the marketplace, both on-line and off.

Our 'on-line' customers are always welcome in the shop - if you are not too far away, or on holiday, why not pop in and say Hello? We will always provide a warm welcome & face-to-face advice on any aspect of Pet Care.

We look forward to serving you via our on-line shop and hope you will find our site informative and helpful for all your pet needs.

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Please note that this websites has nothing to do with pre 05/2015

Reptiles are also cold blooded

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Reptiles are distinct from other animals because of their scales, ability to shed their skin and in some cases replace their teeth for the duration of their lives..

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